The Next Chapter… Yellow Leaf Marketing

“Never choose to be a worker; but when once God has put His call on you, woe be to you if you turn to the right hand or to the left. We are not here to work for God because we have chosen to do so, but because God has apprehended us.” – Oswald Chambers

I must say, I do feel pretty apprehended these days…

For the last 3 years, my beautiful bride and I have had the pleasure of working for Family First in Tampa. Since January of 2010, I’ve had the honor to build and grow the social media presence for the All Pro Dad, iMOM, Family Minute, Mark Merrill and Tony Dungy brands. Words will never be able to describe how grateful I am for my time at Family First. I will always look back on my time there as a place where I made awesome friends, learned so much and grew in my faith. I am forever grateful to everyone at Family First for my time there.

…So what’s next?

God has asked me to take an entrepreneurial leap of faith and start a social media marketing agency called Yellow Leaf Marketing. In fact, yesterday (July 5th 2011) was my very first day. Yellow Leaf Marketing has a pretty neat story behind its name. I’d love if you took a few minutes to read it. At the heart of the Yellow Leaf story lies the Gospel and my prayer is that the Gospel will always remain at the core of this ministry-business. I can’t tell you how excited Courtney and I are for the future of YLM. The scripture that we have held tightly to over the last few months is Hebrews 10:23:

“Let us hold unswervingly to hope we profess for He who promised is faithful.”

I’m convinced that God calls us to step out in faith and start new things for one reason – to bring Him glory. That is my prayer for YLM – that above all, He would be glorified. That many people will hear about what His Son has done for us at Calvary and that many would come to know and trust Him.

Courtney will continue to work and serve at Family First as the Website Manager. It will be the first time since before we were married that we haven’t worked together all day, every day. It will be a trying season, indeed. However, “He who promised is faithful” right?

We would truly appreciate your prayers as God begins to grow Yellow Leaf Marketing. Please pray that God’s will would be done through this ministry-business and that He would mold it into whatever He chooses.

I’d love for you to connect with Yellow Leaf Marketing a little further! Here’s how:

1. Learn a little bit more about YLM

2. Here’s how YLM can help businesses

3. Join YLM on Facebook

4. Follow YLM on Twitter

5. Connect with YLM on LinkedIn

Thanks friends. I’m very grateful for your time and your prayers.

boasting in Christ alone,



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